List of Social Security Numbers

Below is a list of all the group numbers for the 664 of social security numbers. Group numbers are assigned in the following manner: Odds starting from 01 up to 09, Evens from 10 to 98, Evens from 02 to 08 and Odds from 11 to 99. The first numbers were assigned in the 1930s, so the group number provides some idea as to how long ago a particular number was issued.

Click on a group number to access numerological information about numbers in that group, including whether a given number may have been issued.

664-XX-XXXX - Louisiana

664-01-XXXX - 664-03-XXXX - 664-05-XXXX - 664-07-XXXX - 664-09-XXXX - 664-10-XXXX
664-12-XXXX - 664-14-XXXX - 664-16-XXXX